We do web design very, very well!

Our dedicated staff provides you with unmatched quality E-services. We offer different service levels with each type of service with offer. Usually they differ in the amount of time we specify for your service. The two major E-services we provide are CMS Deployment & Website Maintenance.

CMS Deployment involves our technical team installing a CMS of your choice on your desired location. Once the installation is complete we will provide you with database username, password, access level and admin login details. If you choose the Level II package, we will not only do installation, but we will configure the CMS for you completely. For example, in case of WHMCS, we will setup the servers, currency, sample packages, cron jobs, domain registrars, domain pricing, configuration options & all necessary tools which will help your CMS based website to get started. Our Level III package is specifically helpful to those people who not only want us to do installation & configuration, but also want us to integrate the respective CMS into their website. For example, if you possess a PHP / xHMTL based site, and you wish your vbulletin forums to look a part of it with header & footer integration, you may want to choose this package. Our final package i.e. Level IV involves installation, configuration, integration & integration plus*. Integration plus is for power users who wish their CMS to look exactly like their template, with all the buttons, menus, fonts, styling and hence their whole CSS matching the style. The installation & configuration part is performed by our E-services team whereas our Web Design team performs the integration part.

Site maintenance package is vital for your website especially if you have ordered the website through us. We provide free ticket & phone support for a limited period of time according to the web design package you have chosen. However, if you wish to receive continuous ticket & phone support, you may want to subscribe to our basic Site Maintenance which is also referred to as Support package. We will continue to provide you whatever help you need in updating, customizing & running your site during the period you subscribe. Our level II package is referred to as Standard E-Maintain and it comes up with a backup solution to your site whereby our personnel ensure that your site has a backup of at least two weeks on the FTP of your choice. You may subscribe to our backup solutions by contacting sales to provision you an external FTP network storage for backups. Our level III package is tailored for advanced users who not only wish to have more frequent website backups but also wish to have some sort of SEO guidance in the form of eBooks, tutorials & notes. Our SEO team would do regular analysis of your site and present you a complete report on your site’s rankings. Our level IV package is for those users who not only wish to subscribe to all above mentioned E-services but also want us to regularly update their website content. We may provide up to ten hours per month for content update in your blogs, forums or website.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our E-services now and supercharge your website with our power tools.

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