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Deezon is a professional interactive organization that helps clients succeed by developing world class digital solutions. Deezon’s interaction begins with devising a comprehensive development strategy which evolves into fully functional and awesome web solutions. Deezon deals with small and medium scaled businesses, as well as leading brands, providing them with web designing, corporate identity setup, ecommerce site development and web hosting solutions.

Deezon is a privately limited company founded in 2010. We are based in beautiful Lahore, Pakistan, and have personnel working in Macedonia, Islamabad & Peshawar. Our clients cover a wide-range of industries and are located all over the world. Read further for more information or visit our portfolio to see examples of our work.

Company history

We possess a team of dedicated professionals with a commitment of coming up with something “extraordinary”. Deezon was founded on the ideology of developing interactive solutions which can integrate with corporate identities, solutions that begin from an idea into a final fully functional piece, and solutions that flawlessly integrate technology and creativity.

We had a few objectives in mind before establishing this organization. Those objectives were based not only on our surveys across all over the internet, but also our vast experience in this field. We had seen enough of websites which have an excellent structure but possess poor design and vice versa. We had seen enough of business websites which in no way presented the company’s main ideology. We were tired of seeing websites with downtime, poor search visibility and no search engine optimization. Most significantly, the businesses and companies – our clients – were sick of same things. This is where our objectives come in and define our unique approach in dealing with the above listed problems.

Company Approach

Since our founding in 2010, our Lahore based company made a commitment to our customers. We promised:

  • No outsourcing. No sub-par work to offshore agencies that can’t be monitored carefully.
  • Customized projects. Our project analysts evaluate every bit of your requirements before we take your project. Thus we ensure that your website is not just a generic idea of industry – it has customized content and design that suits your company.
  • Complete solutions. Before starting the project with you, we always suggest you a complete solution. It may involve how much you should invest on your website, where you should host your website & on what bandwidth and servers and how your website can be marketed online. Our experts strive to ensure that every project you entrust us with leverages your present resources.
  • Professional work. We have assigned right professionals for every job. Our writers won’t be handling your website marketing or our programmers won’t be designing the websites. By the careful selection of staff, we ensure that you have right experts working on your projects to give you optimized solutions.

Relevant Industry Experience and Know How:

Our brilliant team has more than 25 years of combined web services experience. Our team of experts takes care of every aspect of your project, from start to finish. And they work in Lahore, so that you can always conveniently contact someone on your team to discuss your ideas and company. We have hand-picked our experts so that we can offer you a staff made up of the brightest, most educated professionals. At the same time, we carefully screened our team so that each staff member is able to provide real results - not just academic credentials.

Deezon has worked with dozens of clients, including corporations, individual professionals, and non-profit groups, businesses of all size, government contractors, IT firms, and advertising agencies. We have developed a high-tech, high-security company that allows us to work on government and business projects that require the greatest security and the most innovation. Many of our clients recommend us to their colleagues and send us letters of praise and thanks. We appreciate every feedback - it feels great to know that we are making a big difference in business lives.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, and give us a call right now! 0092-323-8409031.

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